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BIGFOOT (v4.2 - Build 9353363, MULTi14, incl 8 DLCs & Online-Fix)
DEVOUR (v3.3.3 - Build 10234253, MULTi21, incl Online-Fix)
Human Fall Flat (Miniature Level - Build 9885143, MULTi6, incl Online-Fix)
Lethal Company (v40 - Build 12681469, English Only, incl Online-Fix)
Little Friends: Puppy Island (v1.0.0.12 - Build 11090472, MULTi10)
Ooblets (v1.2.22_e_da, MULTI4)
Phasmophobia (v0.8.1.3 - Build 10885717, MULTi26, incl Online-Fix)
Ready Or Not (v25346 - Build 10510155, MULTi6, incl Online-Fix)
Slime Rancher 2 (v0.2.1, MULTi9)